Sneak Peek of Caitlyn Jenner's Reality Show: We Can't Wait for the Rest! (VIDEO)

The world is hungry for more Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner — something that's evident based on the fact that her name has been trending since the day she revealed her gorgeous Vanity Fair cover. Ask and you shall receive: E! News is releasing an eight-part, one-hour documentary series called I Am Cait on July 28 — but you can check out a preview right here.


The majority of this preview shows Jenner getting ready for her day by applying makeup and doing her hair. Unfortunately, a whole lot of us are probably so caught up in the fact that she looks beautiful and so much like a woman, that we're forgetting her physical appearance is only one tiny part of her amazing, complex story. As you'll see, one scene shot while Jenner is driving away from home and out into the world, as she refers to it, managed to get to the heart of the matter — and might tug at your heartstrings:

I want to cry when she talks about how so many people go through life and never deal with their own issues — I couldn't agree more. Not sure with whom she is speaking in the car (Kendall? Kylie?), but bravo to that person for reassuring her that she is "normal." Or, as Jenner calls it, the "new normal."

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The world needs to see Jenner and hear her story. Young (and not so young!) people who are dealing with their own gender identity issues can only benefit from the knowledge that a world-renowned athlete who belongs to one of the most famous families on the planet has had it just as tough as them — but is bravely embracing her identity and living the rest of her life on her terms.

I Am Cait will premiere on Sunday, July 26, at 9 p.m.

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