Uninvited Guest Reminds Bobby Flay He’s a ‘Cheater’ During Hollywood Star Ceremony (PHOTO)

bobby flay hollywood starSo much for this celeb chef's moment of glory. Just as Bobby Flay was receiving his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame a banner reading "cheater" was flown right over his head. Weird coincidence? Um, nope.


Flay and his wife, Law & Order actress Stephanie March, are currently duking it out in a nasty divorce, and it sounds like accusations of infidelity are at the heart of their split. According to rumor Flay's had flings with everyone from January Jones to his assistant to Food Network star Gaida De Laurentiis. (I have trouble picturing any of those women taking a shine to Flay, but there's no accounting for taste, I guess.)

Here's a shot of the "cheater" banner.

I mean, it's almost elegant in its simplicity. 

If revenge is a dish best served cold I think we're going to have to assume this is just an appetizer. This couple is still working on their settlement, after all. It may not have come from March, though -- she's not claiming responsibility. For all we know, January Jones could have been flying that plane, insulted that she was just one of many of Flay's conquests.

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At any rate, the cheater banner has utterly upstaged Flay's big star moment, not that anyone would be talking much about it otherwise. And I think there's a lesson to be learned here. People get pretty darn angry when you cheat on them, you know? Heaven knows what crazy antics they'll pull after they find out.

Maybe everyone who ever cheats should keep that banner in mind whenever they're tempted: Is this sex worth the humiliation I'll suffer when my ex flies a cheater banner over my head at a public event? Something to think about.

Oh yeah, this is the part where I acknowledge that these infidelity rumors could be totally false, and gee willikers, what an awful thing to do to the guy if that's the case. (Hah! Yeah, right.)

What do you think about this banner idea -- fair game or tasteless?


Image @Parisa/Splash News


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