Kim Kardashian's Epic Twitter Rant Proves 'Pregnant Keeks' Is a Force to Be Reckoned With

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If there's one thing Kim Kardashian won't tolerate, it's people thinking her pregnancy is fake. On Tuesday, Kim went on an epic Twitter rant in regards to people who are saying that Kim isn't really in fact pregnant with baby number two, but instead using a surrogate and will wear a "prosthetic baby bump" during the upcoming months. 


How crazy was Kim's rant? So crazy that Twitter actually contacted the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star to make sure her account wasn't hacked!

Kim posted a series of tweets responding to the annoying gossip, and when one follower asked her if she was using a surrogate, Kim shot back, "Please! This is the type of stuff I will address. If I got a surrogate I would say I did! Thankfully I didn't have 2." After the rant was over, Kim clarified that her hormones were likely getting the best of her. She even used the hashtag #JustPregnantKeeks. Here, a sampling of what Kim wrote: 

Pretty intense, huh? Kim's been known to read her haters the riot act before, but this kind of took things to another level. Damn!

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I suppose after a while -- especially if you're pregnant -- it would be easy to just snap at the rumors and lies. And obviously pregnancy is a sensitive subject to Kim, being that she and Kanye were trying for so long this time around. 

Kim may have gone a little overboard, but perhaps this will show people not to mess with her. From Caitlyn Jenner to being pregnant (while having a toddler!) to being insanely busy, Kim certainly has a lot on her plate right now. If you bite her, clearly she's going to bite back -- as she should. 

What do you think of Kim's Twitter rant?

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