Rob Kardashian Was Not Impressed By Caitlyn Jenner's 'Vanity Fair' Cover At First Glance

Rob Kardashian

The Kardashian and Jenner girls came out in full force to support Caitlyn Jenner's stunning  Vanity Fair cover, but Rob Kardashian, at least publicly, stayed mum. So ... what's the deal?


As it turns out, unlike his sisters, Rob was not aware of the Vanity Fair photo shoot, so when Kim sent over the pics, he was bewildered.

Kim told Access Hollywood:

I sent it on a mass text to everyone and my brother was on it and he goes, 'Kim, why are you sending me this? Who is this woman? And why do I care?'

Once Rob was alerted to the fact that he was looking at the very first images of Caitlyn, his sister says he totally changed his nonchalant tune, gushing about how gorgeous Caitlyn looked, followed by a phone call to the woman of the hour herself.

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(Aww. I always knew that Rob was a softie!)

I'm so impressed with the way the Kardashian and Jenner kids are rallying around Caitlyn, which has to be a learning process for the entire family. Kim even shared her hair stylist for Caitlyn's big shoot, along with some tips, and we know how these girls feel about their glam squads.

My Glamour cover that came out today, is the same hairstylist that did the Vanity Fair shoot. So we shared glam tips. I just said, 'Practice by yourself to find out how you feel most comfortable. And she figured it out. She looked amazing.

So far it seems like Caitlyn is one lucky lady, and I personally couldn't be happier for her.

What do you think of Rob's reaction?

Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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