Kim Kardashian's Baby Bump Makes Its Debut in Super-Sheer Dress -- That's Some Maternity Frock

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Well, the moment we've all been waiting for (since Sunday) has finally arrived: Kim Kardashian debuted her baby bump. Well, let's be clear here, the reality star doesn't appear to have too much of a baby bump just yet, but hot damn! That is one sexy maternity outfit she's wearing. Check out Kim at the CFDA Fashion Awards on Monday night -- clearly, Kim isn't going to be sacrificing style for comfort in the upcoming months. 


Kim chose a sheer lacy number for her pregnancy debut, and, in true Kim fashion, she opted to show her underwear off, as well! This so isn't a typical "pregnancy outfit," but man, she looks fantastic.

Date night!

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Pretty hot, no? And pretty damn impressive that Kim manages to look this polished and put together, despite the terrible morning sickness she's suffering from. If I were a betting woman, I'd say Kim's going to push the fashion envelope this go round, just like she did when she was pregnant with North. 

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Kim really doesn't look very far along just yet -- I mean, the woman is basically wearing a bra and undies and there's nary a sign of a bump. So, it'll be interesting to see what she decides to wear as she gets further along. In no universe is she going to step out in leggings and a long t-shirt, though. Kim does not mess around when it comes to fashion -- even if there is a small child inside of her. 

Looking hot, Kim. Pregnancy suits you.

What do you think of Kim's outfit?

Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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