FKA Twigs' Flaunts Her Belly & Answers Our 'Is She Pregnant?' Question (PHOTO)

fka twigsIs Robert Pattinson about to become a new papa? Is his fiance pregnant? Where do people get these silly ideas? Take a good look at the couple as they stepped out for lunch in West Hollywood. FKA Twigs is wearing a crop top. What does that tell you?


Nothing! I mean, everything. The official line is, she who wears a crop top and bares a slim belly is not pregnant. Slim belly, check! Twigs is not visibly pregnant.

fka twigs

I still say she could be invisibly pregnant. Don't laugh -- many women don't show until their second trimester, especially if they're pregnant for the first time. An embryo the size of a pinto bean doesn't need a lot of cushion, yet.

But yeah, Twigs is probably not pregnant. And she'd probably love it if the world would stop staring at her belly and making her feel uncomfortable. Anyway, she's young and her career is hot, so what's the big hurry? Why do we need our celebs to be pregnant and reproducing all the time? Can't an artist build her career for a while without pregnancy rumors hovering over her?

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Here's an idea -- maybe Twigs will NEVER be pregnant. Maybe she'll just not have kids, ever, by choice. OMG, world, could you handle that?

It's what Jennifer Aniston did, and look -- she still has pregnancy rumors constantly swirling around her. That must get annoying. Well anyway, as far as we know, RPatz and FKA Twigs are not expecting a baby any time soon, and that's that.

Do you think Twigs and Robert will ever have children together?


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