Kate Gosselin Insists Her New Diamond Ring Is Not What We Think It Is

Kate Gosselin set the rumor mill on fire recently, after she was photographed wearing a very sparkly diamond ring on a very significant finger. The Kate Plus 8 star was attending the TLC Summer Block Party in Philadelphia when fans caught sight of the bling on the third finger of her left hand.


Is Kate engaged to her millionaire boyfriend Jeff Prescott? They've reportedly been dating for awhile, but they also each went through nasty divorces of their own, so it would be understandable if they opted to never marry. Then again, everyone wants their happily ever after, right?

Don't start envisioning Kate's wedding dress quite yet though -- the reality star took to Twitter to clear up the confusion. However, she managed to perplex us even further in the process.

She's "not even dating" anyone? OK, maybe I'll buy that she got the ring for herself. Sometimes you have to treat yo' self, you know. But was anyone under the impression that she and Jeff Prescott aren't a thing?

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The couple was spotted together just a few weeks ago -- sources told E! News that they went on a romantic date last month at Talula's Garden in Philadelphia. There apparently wasn't a lot of PDA, but they did reportedly share a kiss, which is pretty date-like behavior if you ask me.

Even Prescott's ex-wife Michelle Jones wished them her best recently, saying, "He deserves happiness."

Of course the other option is that they've broken up already ... in which case I wouldn't blame Kate a bit for buying herself a ring for some retail therapy. But why not come out and say that? Why all the secrecy over her love life, when she hasn't exactly been trying to keep it on the DL. It's just confusing.

Why do you think Kate Gosselin said she's not dating anyone right now?


Image via William T Wade Jr/Splash News

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