Caitlyn Jenner Makes It Clear She Is Not a Kardashian Anymore

Bruce Jenner

When the Vanity Fair cover featuring Caitlyn Jenner came out today, we were all taken aback by just how stunning she is, and we couldn't possibly be any happier that the woman formerly known as Bruce Jenner is finally able to live her life as her true self.


A couple of months ago, rumors swirled insisting that Bruce's new name would be "Belinda," which made Caitlyn's big reveal even more of a surprise. And while the name definitely seems to suit her, we couldn't help but wonder why she didn't opt to spell it with a "K," to keep in line with the family tradition.

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Well, it turns out choosing the letter "C" was more than just a mere coincidence. According to TMZ, it was not meant as a dig at the Kardashians at all. Caitlyn simply wants to have a "clean break" from the name, and finally wants to have her own identity.

And honestly, doesn't she deserve to live her life on her terms from here on out? She should be able to spell her name anyway she darn well pleases!

Now that she's introduced herself to the world, we just can't wait to see where Caitlyn's journey leads next. The sky's the limit!

Did you assume spelling the name with a "C" was a dig at the Kardashians?


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