Mariah Carey Calls 'American Idol' the 'Worst' Experience of Her Life (Really!?)

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Mariah Carey's never been one to mince words, so perhaps her latest rant about what it was like to host everyone's least favorite season of American Idol (Season 12) shouldn't come as a surprise -- but her feelings do seem a little extreme: "That was the worst experience of my life," the diva recently said of her old gig. Whoa! I mean, we knew she wasn't happy (those Nicki Minaj spats were pretty brutal), but the worst experience of her life?!


To be fair, Carey was sort of prompted to reveal her darkest feelings about Idol. She was recently a guest on Australia's Kyle and Jackie O show, and the hosts asked her if she would consider returning for the show's final season. Her answer?

"Hell no! Absolutely not. That was the worst experience of my life. I'm not going to get into what it was, but let's just say I don't think they had any intentions for us to have a good experience doing that show. Pitting two females against each other wasn't cool. It should have been about the contestants instead of about some nonexistent feud that turned into even more ridiculousness, and I would never want to be involved with it again. But everybody else did like it." 

She added:

"It's so boring and so fake, I'm sorry. When I say it's fake, I mean, I have to make up things to say about everybody. Half the time, the performances are good, you'll just be like, 'It was good.'"

Okay, that does sound pretty bad. And definitely like something no one would want to be a part of ... except ... did we mention Carey's paycheck for that one season? Because it was reportedly $18 million. 18. Million. Dollars. For one season. Of sitting behind a table, watching people sing and arguing with Nicki Minaj. That's the WORST EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE, Mariah Carey?! 

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Of course, we don't really know what's it was like to be in Carey's position that season. Maybe it was truly horrific. Maybe we don't know all the details. But if that really was the worst experience of Mariah Carey's life, well, we'll walk a mile in her stilettos any day.

Do you think American Idol was really the worst experience of Mariah Carey's life?


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