Johnny Depp's Daughter Celebrates Her 'Sour Sixteen' Because Of Course (PHOTOS)

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Hey, wanna hear something that's gonna make you feel super old? Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose just celebrated her Sweet Sixteen. Yup. Except, being Johnny Depp's (completely stunning) daughter, she didn't actually celebrate a sweet sixteen -- she celebrated a sour sixteen. You know what they say: The apple don't fall far from the tree! 


What exactly does a sour sixteen party entail, you ask? Well, in the case of Depp's model/actress daughter, the elaborately goth affair included a guillotine, shackles, garlands of garlic and lots and lots of flowers (not to mention lots of ennui-filled expressions and ethereally well-dressed teens). The celebration also included both Johnny Depp and Lily-Rose's mom, Vanessa Paradis, as well as Depp's wife Amber Heard. Just look at how unbelievably gorgeous this girl is turning out to be (not that anybody expected anything less, but still):

My Sour Sixteen

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Wow. Dad must be feeling a little nervous about the boys coming around these days, huh? But even more apparent than the genetic jackpot this kid hit in the looks department is her obvious inclination towards all things dramatic -- something she definitely has Johnny to thank for. Doesn't the look on her face in the below pic remind you of someone?

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enter at your own risk

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Classic Johnny right there! And that tiara! It's enough to make you want to be 16 again, isn't it? Then again, I'm pretty sure I spent my 16th birthday at a local Bennigan's with my friends (and all of us were probably wearing acid-washed jeans), so maybe not. Seriously though, this gorgeous young talent has quite a bit going for her in life, and it's going to be pretty interesting to see what she does with her considerable gifts. (It's going to be even more interesting to see how her dad reacts!)

Do you think Johnny Depp's daughter is turning out to be just like her dad?

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