Kristen Bell's Recent Uber Ride Was Hilariously Horrible

kristen bell

There's nothing quite so awkward as being in close quarters with a complete stranger (just think back to your last painfully silent elevator ride). That's what Kristen Bell discovered recently when the star signed up for an Uber ride -- and accidentally chose Uber Pool, the car service's ride-sharing option. Whoops! Luckily for Bell -- and the rest of us -- she kept her cool by tweeting about the ride as it happened ... and the resulting posts are ridiculously funny.


Here's how the wild ride went down:

Oh no! Can you imagine her confusion? Then she figured out what she did wrong: 

Then, complete social discomfort set in:

Followed by fear:

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Then, things finally started looking up:

Do you think this guy was trying to impress Kristen?

Uh-oh, then things got a little sketchy:

Oh, snap!

Understandably, Kristen started freaking out a little:

But finally, the end was in sight:

And hey, all's well that ends well!

Too funny!! We're guessing Kristen definitely won't be choosing the Uber Pool option again, though if she does, we hope she tweets about it! And what of her fellow passenger -- will he ever know about his brief moment of fame? (And will he ever achieve his goal of becoming a successful Jon Bon Jovi impersonator?) We may never know.

What would you do if you had to share a car with a stranger?


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