Nicki Minaj Helps Her Friends Orgasm -- And Wants to Be a 'Mommy'

Nicki Minaj is quickly becoming my favorite celebrity crush. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the rapper described — in one breath — how she helps her female friends learn how to orgasm AND sees her future self baking cookies for her children and attending PTA meetings. In short: Minaj is a dynamic, multifaceted goddess.


Minaj opened up about her feelings about sex and you might like what she has to say — the 32-year-old star says she demands that she climax when she has sex and that she believes all women should do the same. Amen, Nicki. The singer mentioned how she has one friend who has never had an orgasm and how she and other friends are constantly staging interventions to teach her how to orgasm because it "hurts" her "heart" to know her buddy has never felt the best sensation on Earth.

So, what does she do? Minaj says she actually straddles her friends to demonstrate how to orgasm with a man and encourages her to stop being a 100 percent pleaser and seek at least half of the pleasure during sex. If she ever gets tired of performing, Minaj could set up a pretty successful career for herself as a sex therapist — the line for her workshops would be out the door and around the corner.

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What I love most about this interview is that Minaj then jumps from talking about being a sexy single to becoming a mom — something she says hopes happens within the next 10 years. The rapper, who is seriously dating Meek Mill, says she pictures herself having two or three kids, running successful careers out of her home (while also being a "housewife), baking cookies for her kids, attending PTA meetings, putting her kids' school work up on the fridge, and just watching them grow up.

And, with that, we have another great example of a woman who refuses to be painted with one simple brush stroke. She's a sexy vamp who will get on the floor to teach a friend how to orgasm, but she's also a future mom who feels comfy using the word "housewife." Love her, love her message.

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