What Isn't Amy Duggar Telling Us About Josh Duggar's Scandal?

The Duggar family has been keeping thing on the DL ever since Josh Duggar's molestation scandal broke last week -- or at last the immediate family has been. Cousin Amy Duggar, however, has spoken out a couple of times on social media, sharing encouraging messages to just pray.


It's interesting though that she's not coming out and defending Josh in any way. So far Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have issued a statement of support, as well as Josh's wife Anna. Jessa Seewald's (née Duggar) father-in-law Michael Seewald even blogged about it, asking for grace and mercy for Josh, as he had repented of his sins.

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But not Amy. She is only requesting prayers. The 28-year-old aspiring country singer took to Instagram on Thursday, May 28, to encourage her followers to "never stop praying," in reference to 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

"No matter what happens in life our prayers are heard," she captioned the inspirational quote. "Pray for your enemies. Pray for people who judge you and mistreat you. Pray for God's will in every aspect of your life."

She shared the same message to Twitter, as well as tweeting about God being bigger than anything in her life she needs to overcome.

She also re-tweeted this message from Women of Christ:

It's clear that Amy is relying on God during this troubling time for her family, but why is she remaining so vague? Her boyfriend Dillon King stated on social media recently that she wasn't one of the girls Josh touched, so we're assuming she's not working through her personal pain about it.

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But there's a good chance she was a confidant to one or more of the victims. Maybe she feels torn about the whole situation. I don't know -- it's just interesting that she's neither publicly supporting nor condemning Josh.

She has the right attitude though ... when you're not sure exactly what to do, sometimes the best thing to do is to just pray.

Do you think Amy knows something about Josh's scandal that she's not sharing?


Image via Amy Duggar/Instagram

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