Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Divorce Rumors Swirl: Say It Ain't So!

If you ask the Internet (which is never really a good idea, honestly),  Ben Affleck and Jennifer are wading their way through a messy divorce right now. Rumors are flying about missing wedding rings, separate vacations, mid-life crises, and a $150 million divorce. 


Okay, okay, but is it true? We don't know for sure, and I for one am not willing to put my money on a hard yes or no because it's still totally unclear and also because that's a morally questionable practice in general. 

But if you're going to bet on one side or the other, here are the rumors you might want to know:

  1. Ben was photographed without his wedding ring on April 17 ... which happens to be Jen's birthday. He was also in Canada and not, you know, with Jennifer. Old news, but being brought out again because why not.
  2. On Mother's Day, Ben was "reportedly" hanging with his mom and brother instead of his wife and kids. Jennifer was apparently with her parents, too, and crying to them about her awful divorce. Also, no one seems to have any actual proof of any of this, so again: Who knows. 
  3. Their 10 year wedding anniversary is on June 29. This doesn't have any real relevance to the divorce rumors, but awww! Congrats, guys!

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  4. Jennifer was on Ellen this week, and she still seemed as joke-y and cute and mildly exasperated about Ben as always.
  5. Meanwhile, Ben has been back frequenting the Las Vegas casinos he had trouble with last year instead of spending every second by his wife's side. Scandal! 
  6. Bennifer 2.0 hadn't been photographed in public together for about a month until ...
  7. They were photographed going out to lunch together today. Is it a publicity stunt? A giant "eff you" to the rumor mill (hi hello yes that's me) or perhaps a busy, star-studded couple finally finding time to catch up between filming a whole slew of blockbusters? 
  8. Ben was caught kissing Matt Damon. No wait, I just made that up. I think it happened in a dream.

I dunno, guys. It sounds like a lot of "reports" from "sources" about a busy couple who are filming two different movies in two different locations across the continent from each other. 

But is it also the end of an era? Another "insider" told Radar that Ben wants an official divorce announcement to come out before their anniversary at the end of June, so I suppose we'll hear one way or the other soon enough.

Do you believe the rumors? Do you think Ben and Jen are done?


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