Kate Middleton Tells Prince William Who's Boss

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Prince William may be the one who's a born and bred royal, but it's Kate Middleton who wears the pants in their relationship. During a recent interview, the Duke let it slip that Kate totally runs their house, and what she says goes. If the Duchess doesn't approve, it ain't happening!


When asked if his 22-month-old son, Prince George, would be joining him in the stands for the upcoming FA Cup soccer final on Saturday, Prince William wasn't sure. He wants his son to watch the game with him, but that's all up to his wife. "I'll have to pass that by the missus, see how I can get away with it!" William told a BBC reporter. 

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As President of the English Football Association, it's no surprise that the Duke is a big soccer fan. He's a huge supporter of Aston Villa Football Club, and if they win the game, he'll be the one to hand the trophy to the captain. Of course it would be great if he could bring his little boy with him to share in the fun -- however, like most households, sounds like Mom is the one who will be the one to make that decision. And, let's get real here, it wouldn't be a massive shock if Kate didn't want her toddler son going to a rowdy soccer match while she's at home with the baby. 

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I'm sure when Prince George gets a little older, he'll attend fun things like soccer matches with his daddy. Not only will Kate probably feel much more comfortable allowing him to do stuff like that then, it's going to be damn-near impossible to tell a little boy he can't go to a fun sporting event where his dad gets to hand out a trophy!

Do you think Kate will let Prince George go?

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