'Michelle & Jim Bob' Discuss the Duggar Scandal in Scathing Parody (VIDEO)

duggarsIt was only a matter of time before someone made a video satirizing the Duggar scandal. And here it is! Hot and fresh from Funny or Die, "The Duggars Respond to the Sexual Abuse Scandal" is everything you'd want it to be and more. 


Unless, of course, you love the Duggars. In which case, maybe you should should resist the temptation to watch this video. Really. They don't go easy on the couple.

But for the rest of us who have witnessed the Duggar juggernaut and yelled at our screens, "what is this bananas evangelical fertility cult?!?" you will appreciate. 

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They nailed Michelle's split bangs! They also got her wide-eyed gaze and breathy voice, though the southern twang is way exaggerated. But to tell you the truth, we're the ones who've been watching all of this with a wide-eyed, glazed look on our faces. Every little detail that's spilled out of this scandal has been ripe for parody. How did Funny or Die even choose among them all?

michelle duggar

Seriously, Michelle!

Well, FOD jumped right in with how little regard there seems to have been for the victims, and how quick Michelle and Jim Bob were to try and cover for their son.

"We did the right thing and ignored the first girl who reported it." Ouch! 

"Girls lie!," Jim Bob says. "One of our daughters, J-something, I don't care ..." he trails off. Then Michelle jumps in -- also unable to recall which daughter(s) were among the victims. "And some of them were our daughters, but honestly, if you asked me which one, I don't know? The brunette with the curly hair?" They laugh incredulously.

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Then they move on to the absurdity of waiting three years to report what happened and sending Josh for counseling to "our friend, this guy we know who's in the remodeling business in Little Rock." And it's like -- that would sound so unbelievable if you made it up. But it's real! That is a thing the Duggars did when their teenage son allegedly molested his sister(s) and another girl. 

"It has been terrible for us! And Josh! But those are the only three people affected by these mistakes." Whether or not they really feel that way, that's definitely the impression the Duggars have left with much of the public. I mean, how did they help the victims (including at least one of their own children) recover from being molested? They're not talking much about that. It's not something you can just pray away!

Anyway, while it's a relief to laugh at how insane this scandal sounds and how disappointed we are to learn how Michelle and Jim Bob handled it, we're still sad for the girls. This has been terrible for them most of all.

Oh -- you'll want to stay for the surprise announcement at the end. 

Do you think this parody goes too far, or do they nail it?


Image via Funny or Die

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