Kylie Jenner Finally Responds to Pregnancy Rumors

Certain tabloids simply will not let go of rumors that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with boyfriend Tyga's baby. Seriously, they're like dogs with a bone. Until now, she has stayed mum on the subject, leaving many to wonder, "Is she or isn't she?"


In an epic tweet aimed at the gossip hounds, Kylie fired back on Wednesday with:

Could she make herself any more clear? I don't think so. People, this girl is not pregnant.

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I mean, I get it: At a young age she owns a home, is allegedly dating an older guy, and has been raised in the spotlight. Everyone wants to jump to conclusions or be first out of the gate with a Kylie Jenner pregnancy shocker, because there's no way a 17-year-old can handle all of this without screwing up, right?

To that I say, keep in mind she is only 17. I don't care if she's a public figure, it's wrong to put these sorts of rumors out there about a kid. Personally I think she's smart to ignore the tabloids as much as possible, but at the end of the day any human being is going to eventually want to strike back.

In a show of sisterly solidarity, Kendall Jenner tweeted:

Sister standing up for sister -- you've gotta love it.

The only "baby" the Jenner girls are giving birth to these days is their upcoming clothing line. They recently joined forces on a Kendall + Kylie Instagram account and have been sharing sketches of their designs. My guess is they'll avoid any and all empire-waisted pieces just to avoid any rumors they're including a maternity component to their brand.

Do you think the tabloids should lay off Kylie?

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