Sherri Shepard Crosses the Line With Mean Joke About Her Kids on 'The View'

sherri shepherd the viewWhat a way to make your comeback! Nearly a year after ABC (ahem) declined to renew her contract Sherri Shepherd hosted The View. Fans were thrilled to see her return until she had to go and make one awkward joke at the expense of her children. Yikes, did she really say this?


It all started off so well. Shepherd was enthusing about her 10-year-old biological son, Jeffrey, when co-host Raven Simone confessed that she's wanted a baby "since I was 15." "Girl," Shepherd shot back, "I got one or two you could have of mine."

Oh no! Shepherd was likely referring to the nine-month-old son she had via surrogate with her ex-husband Lamar Sally. In their contentious custody battle following their divorce the court found Shepherd financially responsible for the child. (Also, she recorded this of The View in mid-April, just after the ruling.) 

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While throngs of fans were so happy to see Shepherd they overlooked her sad joke, many others were utterly turned off. Some of them Tweeted their disappointment.

And some were shocked she included (by implication) her other son, Jeffrey, into the joke.

We know whatever she's going through with her ex must be painful and terrifying, and who knows what really happened there with the surrogacy. She surely didn't mean to sound so cruel. But my goodness, that "unwanted" baby is a living, human being who could grow up to hear this clip someday! I cringe for him and his brother.

And we hate to see Shepherd tarnish her comeback this way. It's true we love Shepherd for being provocative and having tart tongue, but she needs to pick the targets of her barbs more carefully and not injure any innocent parties.

What do you think of Sherri Shepherd's joke?


Image via Sherri Shepherd/Instagram

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