Kate Gosselin's Millionaire Boyfriend Has an Alleged 'Bad Dad' Rapsheet: Her Poor Kids!

She sure knows how to pick them! Kate Gosselin has been dating millionaire Jeff Prescott recently, and according to court documents from his own messy 2006 divorce, the Dreamstime co-founder has a history of being a negligent father.


It seems like Jon and Kate's eight kiddos just can't catch a break in the dad department!

Prescott's ex-wife Michelle Jones laid it all out to the court during their divorce, accusing him of neglecting their children, Ashley, Brooke, and Connor, who were 19, 14, and 10 at the time. She claimed that he had "infrequent" visits with them, and would go days at a time without being able to be reached.

RadarOnline got the court documents filed five months after their separation, in which Jones said, "He has had Connor two times overnight ... He has not taken the girls at all overnight." She also said he would go out of town for business or pleasure with no notice, which made it difficult for Jones to care for the children, one of whom is disabled.

"There have been times when he has not answered his cell phone for days," Jones alleged.

When he was with the children, he apparently tried to manipulate them to take his side against their mother. Jones presented an email to the court, dated February 15, 2006. In it, Prescott wrote to Ashley and Brooke, "I ... want to make it very clear that I have given your Mom every chance to try and settle things in a way that would not require all that is about to transpire. Again, she has chosen this battle for reasons I cannot understand."

"We will spend a ton of money on lawyers. Money that I would have rather seen go to you guys or your Mother but she sees things differently," he continued.

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When Jones sought a restraining order against him for "jealous" behavior that same week, she said that Prescott retaliated by upsetting their teen daughter Ashley. "He told her that all sorts of terrible thing were going to happen if I obtained a restraining order such as ‘loss of our home,'" she claimed. "He told her that she may 'not be able to go to college.' He told her we may go 'bankrupt.'"

Ugh! What a mess! It's hard to believe, but nine years later, the exes "get along great," according to Prescott. "As for the divorce issues, most of them do not carry any merit," he explained. "We went through some tough times that were short lived. Michelle and I get along great and have for a long time. Our children are great kids with awesome values as a result of having a good mother and a caring, loving father."

Don't take his word for it though ... Jones told Radar that her ex-husband and Kate have her blessing. "He deserves happiness," she said.

I suppose it's all well that ends well, but I feel bad for the kids involved in nasty divorces. They're really the ones who suffer.

Are you surprised that Kate Gosselin's new boyfriend has such a bad rap?


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