5 Reasons Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Action Figures Are Awesome

tiney fey amy dolls

With the toy world still nursing bruised egos from the backlash against not having a Black Widow toy among the Avengers, the folks at Bif Bang Pow are giving Hollywood sexism a giant proverbial F-U (the F is for Feminism) by announcing Tina Fey and Amy Poehler action figures to be released this July. Here are some ways you can make the Globe-busting dynamic duo your new pocket-sized best friends...


1. They make great decorations
Who wouldn’t want a tiny Tina and Amy to add that aesthetic spark your home has been missing? Place them on the mantle, a bookshelf (next to your copies of Bossypants and Yes Please), or on either side of the television so they can watch their larger selves kick butt on screen.

2. They are travel-sized
Sadly, the real Tina and Amy are notorious for not making enough time to hang out with their fans for weekends at the beach and bachelorette parties in Vegas—but no more! As action figures, Tina and Amy will go wherever you need them, and they will be photo-ready at a moment’s notice to Instagram that epic trip.

3. They put Barbie to shame
Barbie has taken a lot of flack in her lifetime, and Bif Bang Pow’s action figures address most of those critiques without directly calling out Mattel. For starters, the Tina and Amy action figures resemble actual human women—because they are modeled after two very real and brilliant examples. Their bodies are realistically proportioned, where Barbie actually defies the laws of science. They wear power suits instead of bodycon dresses, and practical heels.

4. They are great for children
The figures come with a Weekend Update desk, and any child knows that a toy is as good as its accessories. Kids can use Tina, Amy, and their workplace to create infinitely more imaginative worlds, just as they do with cars, train, Legos, and more.

5. They are excellent motivators
As the life-sized versions of these figures once said at that very Update desk, women like Tina and Amy “get stuff done.” Having these two present even in plastic miniature will inspire all of us to be our best and most hilarious selves, to work as hard as we can and get it done.


The toys will be revealed at Comic Con (0 for 2, Black Widow!) and are already available for pre-order on the Entertainment Earth website. 

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