Kylie Jenner's Real Reason for Leaving 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Will Make Kim Furious

kylie jennerI was a bit worried about Kylie Jenner and how she was dealing with everything going on in her family. The 17-year-old reportedly is having a hard time with her emotions involving her dad's transition -- and who could blame her; it is a lot of change for the family. 


A source had said that Kylie just couldn't take being on Keeping Up With the Kardashians anymore, that she was being misunderstood, there was too much pressure and she wanted off the show. But now the scoop is that she really wants to be bigger than Kim -- Kylie wants her own show.

Keeping Up With Kylie?

Keeping Up With the Jenners!

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I'm worried about this for a couple of reasons. Teens on TV with their own reality show usually spells trouble. Kylie is just 17. No teenager should be overdoing it on TV -- watching it or starring on it. They should be outside with their face buried in their phone on Instagram. And Kylie already has that covered. I also worried that a Kylie spin-off -- or really a Jenner spin-off -- could create a rift in the family. I get that Kylie isn't a "Kardashian" but would it be overkill? Would it destroy the family that we've come to know as America's version of royalty?

Yet another inside source from within the Kardashian/Jenner camp has said that:

She wants to build a career that’s even bigger than Kim’s and she knows she needs the show to do that.

One day she hates the cameras and her mom and the next day she’s talking about how great her mom is and bragging about how she’s eventually going to get her own show.

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Typical teenage behavior there. But one thing impresses me -- Kylie is ambitious. All of the Kardashian and Jenner women are -- it's a powerful trait they all possess and it's clear it didn't get diluted when it comes to the baby of the family. Good for Kylie for setting her goals high -- she should be thinking about the future. And she doesn't just want her own show where the cameras follow her around while she takes selfies in exotic places. That inside source said that Kylie wants to show the world Kylie -- she wants her own identity and that she "would also like to do a show like Celebrity Apprentice."

I like the way this kid thinks. Aim high, Kylie!

What do you think of a Kylie spin-off or seeing her on Celebrity Apprentice?

Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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