Did Jill & Jessa Duggar's Weddings Hold Big Clues About Josh Duggar?

jill duggar and derek dillardFans of TLC's once-smash-hit show 19 Kids & Counting are still reeling from the recent admission that, as a teenager, Josh molested five underage girls -- four of whom are believed to be his sisters. But looking back it seems there may have been some signs that everything wasn't so hunky-dory between the eldest son and his siblings. Jill and Jessa's weddings, in which their big bro was kept at the proverbial arms-length, may have held early clues that something was amiss. 


When Jill married Derick Dillard neither asked Josh to be a groomsman but Jill did include his wife Anna as a bridesmaid, their son Michael as a ring-bearer and daughter Mackynzie as a flower girl. 

A guest of the wedding who spoke with The Daily Mail said it seemed odd at the time that Josh's whole family played a role while he was sidelined. Now, of course, it's making a bit more sense.

Then, just five months later when Jessa walked down the aisle, not a single member of Josh's family was included in the wedding party. Ouch! 

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Of course, when your family is this ginormous you can't possibly include everyone but you would think that you'd want to have the siblings who are closest to your own age, whom you were raised with, standing by your side for this momentous occasion. 

In light of these recent revelations, it's understandable that these young women would want to distance themselves from the disturbing events of the past.

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A wedding is all about moving forward and starting a new life with the one you love. For many, it's the happiest day of their lives. Clearly, no one wants to be reminded of a horrifying crime that occurred years before.

Fans of the show are also seeing new meaning in some of Josh's words during the episode "All About Jill" in which the dad of three (soon to be four) refers to his little sister as a "tattle tale." Could he possibly have been making an allusion to more than just the simple snitching that goes on in most families? Kind of gives you a chill just thinking about it, doesn't it? 

Remember, it was a note hidden in a book that got Michelle and Jim Bob called in for questioning after they believed they'd "dealt" with the situation by sending Josh to do physical labor after he confessed to them. While the couple refused to identify the author of the letter, it seems obvious in hindsight. 

No matter who the victims are, our hearts go out to them and hope they can heal and put this awful period behind them.

Did you think it was odd that Josh didn't play more of a part in his sisters' weddings?

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