TLC May Cancel ’19 Kids’ & That’s Fine With the Duggars

19 kids and countingWhat will happen to TLC's 19 Kids and Counting series post Duggar scandal? The network responded to public demand by pulling its reruns off the air. Will they cancel the series altogether? That's one question the Duggars aren't focusing on right now.


A source close to the family told People magazine that Michelle and Jim Bob are not concerning themselves with the show's future. "Right now they're just focused on their faith – and each other," the family friend says. So it's good to know they have their priorities in order. 

Television shows come and go. Fame is fleeting. But your family is yours for life. The Duggars need less exposure and more privacy to deal with all the many difficult problems they're facing at this time.

As for the show's future, it doesn't look good. Payless Shoes, General Mills, and Choice Hotels say they're pulling their support for 19 Kids. Walgreens says they'll "monitor the situation." But if big advertisers continue to leave TLC will have little reason to keep the show.

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It's surprising that TLC hasn't canceled the series already -- that's what one angry Mama June Shannon is saying. The network canceled the show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo the day after TMZ reported Shannon had rekindled a relationship with convicted child molester Mark McDaniel ... who had earlier violated one of her own daughters. Shannon thinks it's "messed up" that TLC hasn't "axed" 19 Kids yet.

I believe it's a double standard that if they're gonna cancel our show because of rumors and stuff, that if they don't cancel their show – and he did a whole lot more horrendous stuff than I would've ever thought about with my children – that's just crazy.

Shannon still denies any relationship with McDaniel even though photos of the pair have been leaked.

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Not to split hairs on an extremely sensitive topic, but I think there's a difference between an adult sex offender and a teen sex offender. The cases aren't exactly parallel. That said, I think TLC would be wise to cancel 19 Kids -- and the Duggars would probably be better off (emotionally, psychologically) as well.

Um, remember how TLC stands for The Learning Channel? Not a good time to bring that up? Yeah, never mind.

Do you think TLC will cancel 19 Kids? Is Shannon right to compare her situation with the Duggars'?


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