Bethenny Frankel's Painful Childhood Confession Has Us Sending Her Virtual Hugs

Bethenny Frankel has been going through a lot in recently. She's currently going through a messy, high-profile divorce, her talk show was cancelled last year, and she's been feeling generally out of the loop with her Real Housewives of New York City co-stars. When she opened up about her abusive childhood this week, all we wanted to do was reach through the screen and give her a hug.


On Tuesday's episode of Real Housewives of NYC, Bethenny had a breakdown over her meeting with her stepfather on last week's episode. She told her therapist, Dr. Xavier Amador, "We had the talk I've been waiting for years to have ... There wasn't some big 'Come to Jesus' moment."

She talked about growing up in an abusive home, complete with alcohol, drugs, gambling, and violence, and sarcastically commented, "What do you think it was like? It was a party. I loved every moment of it. You're just surviving."

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She also said, "I remember him using the c-word about her -- it felt really wrong and it felt really dark and he would take the phone and, like, drag her down the hall and beat her with the phone."

Dr. Amador got through to her by validating the feelings she must have had as a child witnessing everything. 

"Do you think a 5-year-old girl who sees her mother get dragged and hit by a phone feels nothing?" he asked. "Don't close the lid on your feelings. What you can do is understand how what happened affected your ability to feel and trust and how that impacts those you love, including your daughter."

Frankel broke down in tears, admitting, "He cracked me. It's hard ... It was terror. It was very scary."

Amador asked, "This was someone you trusted. How do you trust?"

"I could pass out. My eyes are closing," she confessed. At the end of her therapy session, she half-heartedly quipped, "That was fun, so thanks for that."

Ugh, that is beyond heartbreaking. No child should ever have to witness such senseless and heinous violence like that, especially against their own mother. It's no wonder that Bethenny vowed to become so successful in life, and now give her own daughter as many opportunities as possible.

She's definitely had her share of ups and downs since she exploded onto the scene, but when she laid out the abuse she witnessed and endured as a child, our hearts went out to her.

Does Bethenny's confession change your opinion of her?


Image via Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

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