Journalist Claims Bruce Jenner Had an Affair With a Man (VIDEO)

Whoa. We've all been wondering whether or not Bruce Jenner would eventually decide to date men, women, or both once he officially transitions from male to female, and thanks to a recent report, we may have our answer.


Even Diane Sawyer couldn't contain her curiosity over the Olympian's sexual preferences when he did his coming out interview with her last months. Jenner told her unequivocally, "I am not gay ... I am, as far as I know, heterosexual."

Which would seem to indicate that Bruce prefers women, even as he transitions to one himself ... I think. But now TV producer and journalist Richard Lasko has dropped a bombshell -- he claims that Bruce had a homosexual relationship with another man in the late 1980s.

Lasko told RadarOnline that a friend of his in the mid-1990s (name withheld) claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Bruce Jenner. He said they were hanging out and trying to one-up each other on who they'd slept with, and this guy pulled out Bruce's name.

He apparently even had the photos to prove it. "When I was over at his house, he showed me two or three photos of himself with Bruce,” Lasko shared. "They were both shirtless and wearing swim trunks, posing for the camera standing up. The pictures appeared to be taken on a beach. There were palm trees in the background."

The lover in question was also an athlete, but about a decade younger than Bruce. He claimed that they met in L.A., and eventually their attraction grew into a serious romance.

"I got the distinct impression from the way he'd kept the photos that they had a real relationship," Lasko said. "That it wasn't a one-night stand ... Though Bruce is so much older than him, they both looked very handsome. They were both tall with outdoorsy faces."

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In the Diane Sawyer interview, Bruce did admit that he took female hormones in the 80s, after splitting with second wife Linda Thompson. He did not marry Kris Jenner until 1991, and stopped taking the hormones around the same time.

Radar contacted the man in question, but he said he was "not interested" in an interview, and "I don't want to talk."

Personally, I think it's sort of a long shot to call a photo of two guys on the beach "proof" of a romantic relationship. A bromance, maybe, but how does one go from a random photo of two people together to the assumption that they're lovers? As for why the unnamed gentleman kept the photos? Wouldn't you keep pics of yourself with famous people?

I'm just not buying it, and honestly, it's really none of our business who Bruce has or has not dated.

Watch Lasko's interview here, and let us know what you think!

What do you make of Lasko's revelations?


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