Jim Bob Duggar's Public Stance on Incest Is Bad News for Josh Duggar

Oh boy. This Duggar controversial keeps getting worse and worse. After Josh Duggar admitted to sexually molesting young girls when he was 14, you better believe that critics combed through every piece of Duggar information on the Internet to point out the family's so-called hypocrisy.


The latest piece of archived Duggar information to come to light is Jim Bob Duggar's past stance on incest. When he was running for political office in 2002, he stated on his campaign website that incest should be considered a capital punishment, i.e. punishable by death.

According to the 33-page police report filed in 2006, four of the five girls Josh sexually molested were his own sisters. That would be considered incest.

After the scandal broke, Jim Bob and Michelle made a public statement saying that "that dark and difficult time caused us to seek God like never before." They also said that Josh had received treatment and was forgiven both by Jesus and those involved. Thankfully for Josh, Jim Bob did not follow through with his belief that incest should be cause for a death sentence.

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The 2002 campaign website is obviously no longer around, but nothing ever disappears on the Internet. Via web cache, the elder Duggar's position on abortion said that "rape and incest represent heinous crimes and as such should be treated as capital crimes."

Of course, he may only have been talking about incestuous rape that resulted in a pregnancy, but nevertheless, he came down pretty hard on incest before it was discovered within his own family. I have to wonder what his position on it now is, since he and Michelle did a pretty dang good job keeping Josh's alleged crimes covered up for so long.

Do you think Jim Bob Duggar feels as harshly about incest now as he did back in 2002?


Image via Duggarfam/Instagram

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