Amy Duggar Is First Family Member Who Doesn’t Publicly Support Josh

We haven't heard a whole lot from the Duggar family since their initial statements after Josh Duggar confessed to inappropriately touching five young girls when he was 14 back in 2002, but what we have heard has been very pro-Josh.



While acknowledging his sin, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar said that that "dark time" caused them to seek God like never before. Josh's wife Anna Duggar also stood by her man, saying, "[I know] who Josh really is -- someone who had gone down a wrong path and had humbled himself before God and those whom he had offended ... Someone who had received the help needed to change the direction of his life and do what is right."

Even Josh's sister Jessa Seewald's father-in-law got on board the Support Josh Train, with a blog post about grace and forgiveness.

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But Josh's cousin Amy Duggar has had the most unusual response so far -- she Instagrammed a serene picture of a waterfall against some beautiful trees, and captioned it simply, "Peace Be Still." Those are the words Jesus spoke to his disciples when he calmed a storm on the lake.

Peace Be Still.

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I love that Amy didn't immediately jump to defend Josh here. One of my biggest grievances over this whole situation is how the girls he groped must be feeling. Even if they have chosen to forgive Josh, forgiveness doesn't mean that the feelings of hurt and betrayal go away. I also love that she didn't condemn him either -- she just simply wants peace for all parties involved.

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But does that include her? According to the police report from 2006, four of the five girls in question identified Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar as their parents. But was the fifth cousin Amy?

Amy's boyfriend Dillon King took to Instagram the same day to share this sentiment along with an adorable selfie of his lady: "I'm so thankful for this beautiful girl in my life, praying for the Duggar family in this hard time... Thank you Jesus Amy wasn't involved in the situation. Love you baby girl! Praying for your family and the love ones involved."

Good for Amy and Dillon, for showing support to the whole family, instead of just immediately defending Josh. The truth is that we will probably never really know the extent of the situation and the exact circumstances, nor whether or not Josh has overcome such tendencies. It must be incredibly difficult for the whole family during this time, and they all need the prayers.

What do you think of Amy's poetic comment?


Image via Amy Duggar/Instagram

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