Bruce Jenner's Full Transition Surgery May Have Already Taken Place

Ever since Bruce Jenner finally revealed last month that he was in the process of transitioning from male to female, we've all had one question burning on our minds -- how far does he plan to go? As in, would he opt for surgery to physically reshape his body into a woman's?


Whether or not a transgendered individual chooses to have reassignment surgery is a very personal decision, and it's a different answer for everyone.

During his prime time TV interview, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star told Diane Sawyer that he had not yet had surgery to reshape his genitalia, but that he hadn't ruled out the possibility. He also mentioned that if he did decide to go that route, he'd remain mum on the subject.

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While we don't know for sure whether or not this is true, a source told RadarOnline that Bruce has indeed gone through with the procedure, which took place about 3-weeks ago.

The insider dished about Jenner's "grueling surgery," and claims that he's now legally considered to be female. The source added, "The procedure involved reshaping Bruce's male genitalia into that of a woman. He was very happy with the results, but didn't realize how grueling the recovery would be."

"The surgery was more than eight hours long," the source continued. "In the immediate aftermath, Bruce thought he had a urinary tract infection, but it was simply the pain from the procedure."

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Oh man, I never thought about the pain involved in such a procedure, but it makes sense. That is a very sensitive part of the body, after all. But even with the pain, the insider said, "Bruce's kids have never seen him so happy. They just wish he would publicly start living as a woman, but contractually, he has to keep it under wraps until the docuseries premieres."

Of course, these are all just rumors, and whether or not Bruce goes through (or has gone through) with the procedure may never be comfirmed. But you know what? That's OK. He's a happy man, and finally free to be himself. That's all that matters.

Do you think Bruce had reassignment surgery?


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