Rumer Willis & Demi Moore Are Virtually Indistinguishable In ‘Twinning’ Photo

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Like mother, like daughter many people say and I'm certain that was said about Rumer Willis and her mom Demi Moore. Though if you are a Dancing With the Stars fan, you would know that Rumer struggled with the way she looked in comparison to her gorgeous mother. She clearly couldn't see all the beauty that she herself possessed -- Rumer is such a gorgeous woman, inside and out. And something magical happened better her and her mom when they put on the same outfit -- Rumer and Demi were twinning.


That moment when you realize you actually are becoming your mother #twinning #imnotmad

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Look at these beauties! Demi, 52, doesn't seem to age. And Rumer, 26, is stunning. These two look so much alike. I love that they took this adorable photo -- hopefully they made copies and framed them. It's too awesome of an image to not look back on every year. Perhaps they should take a new one each year to document the similarities and changes. Great idea!

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While on DWTS, Rumer talked about what it was like to grow up with two very famous parents -- Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. She faced some struggles when being compared to her gorgeous mom. There were, unfortunately, things written about her looks that were uncalled for and not pleasant. They expected her to look just like her mom -- or rather, every sexy photo they have ever seen of her mom. What they clearly failed to realize is that Rumer was her own person. Her own very beautiful person.

So that did a lot to Rumer, having some self-esteem issues as a young woman. But I will say that no matter what color hair she has or if it's long or short, Rumer is a beauty. And while in this photo she is the carbon copy of her mother, she is also her own lovely person.

What do you think of Rumer and Demi's twinning photo?


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