Anna Duggar’s Cryptic Tweet Hinted She Knew the Scandal Was About to Break

anna duggar josh duggarDid Anna Duggar know that the allegations of child molestation for her husband, Josh, were about to go public? That's what fans are wondering now, looking back on a cryptic Instagram quote about forgiveness Anna posted just days before the scandal broke.


It's debatable who Anna is forgiving in this quote. Is it Josh? Or is it InTouch, the magazine that first broke the story? Is it the tabloid frenzy which she surely knew would follow?

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As she revealed in her statement on Thursday, Anna knew about Josh's past already. He brought it up with her and her family before they were even married. Whatever feelings she had about his past, she's had plenty of time to work through them. She weighed that knowledge against everything else she knew about Josh, their shared values and goals in life, and decided he was still the right partner for her. And she moved on.

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I think her statement is more about the media frenzy of the past several days. However you feel about what Josh did and how his parents handled it, you have to feel for the innocent victims in this situation: The Duggar sisters, who have been outed (collectively, even if we don't know specifically which ones were involved) as victims of child molestation. Usually in these cases the victim is allowed to remain anonymous. This scandal must be especially painful for them.

And it's hard on Anna, too, as the wife of Josh. Her husband and in-laws are facing tremendous backlash.

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In some tabloids and in social media people are being cruel, not just to Josh and the Duggar parents, but to the whole family. Even when we write about what's happening, and what concerns we have about how that could effect the innocent members of the family, it can be misconstrued as "picking on" the family. That's probably what Anna was probably preparing for when she posted that quote about forgiveness. She knew she was in for a rough ride.

And she's right. Forgiveness is liberating. Anna has enough to carry around as it is -- literally, the woman is pregnant, after all, and stress is not good for a baby. I hope she's able to maintain her Zen attitude for her own and her children's sake.

Do you think Anna knew allegations about her husband, Josh, were about to go public when she posted this quote?


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