Scott Disick Doesn't Need a Birthday Gift from Kourtney Kardashian -- Or Does He?

scott disick, kourtney kardashian

What do you get the man who has everything? Maybe, in the case of Scott Disick -- who's turning 32 on Tuesday -- the answer is nothing at all. As the reality star admitted to a reporter at an early birthday party in Vegas this weekend, longtime girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian hasn't gotten him a gift yet ... and Disick himself isn't sure if she will (or if she should!).


When asked if he deserves a present from the mother of his three children, Disick was blunt: "Hard to say," he said. (It's worth noting that Kourtney was with him at the party -- this wasn't one of those sneaky solo Vegas trips Disick is known for taking.) He went on to explain that of course, he doesn't really need anything, with the possible exception of some "comfortable" clothes.

Well, obviously the uber-wealthy Disick doesn't need anything -- but let's get back to that part about whether or not he deserves a gift from Kourtney. Let's face it, the guy hasn't exactly been the best partner in the world. I mean, where do we even start? The endless cheating rumors, substance-abuse fueled embarrassments, rampant overspending/blatant wasting of tons of money ... the list goes on. On the other hand, he is an undeniably charismatic guy, and he and Kourtney do seem to have some sort of weirdo relationship system that works for them ... sort of. So, if they're gonna go ahead and keep on being together, maybe Kourtney should buy the guy a birthday present. I'd say something meaningful over something extravagant -- the sort of gift that makes a person get all teary-eyed, rather than the sort of gift that makes a person jump up and down screaming "OMG, how much did you spend on that?!" Just a thought.

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Of course, one could argue that Kourtney's already given Scott the best possible gift(s): Three beautiful children, not to mention her support and companionship. Birthday present or not, he's one lucky dude.

Do you think Kourtney Kardashian should give Scott Disick a birthday present?


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