Katy Perry Hasn't Spoken to Russell Brand in Years (And That's a Good Thing)

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Breaking up is hard to do, no matter how you do it -- but announcing your intentions to divorce via text message has got to be one of the harshest ways to go. That's why we can't really blame pop star Katy Perry for recently admitting that she hasn't spoken to ex Russell Brand since he sent her that infamous text ending their marriage in 2011. I mean, we're all for staying friends post-split if possible, but ... ouch! 


The singer opened up about the painful parting of ways in a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, explaining that "He [Brand] hasn’t spoken to me since he texted me saying he was filing for divorce." She added, "I don’t want to talk about him -- my songs will say what I need to say."

Good for you, Katy Perry! It's always better to take the high road. But I'm sure it hasn't been easy. Can you imagine getting a text message from your husband telling you he's filing for divorce?! And then ... nothing. No final tearful words, no heartbroken conversations filled with regrets and apologies ... just ... silence. But who knows, maybe that's better! When it's over, it's over, right? She's probably better off not talking to Brand in the long run.

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And of course there are two sides to every story. Chances are Brand had a good reason for ending things the way he did, and we just don't know what it is. (It's worth noting that Katy Perry has said in the past that their marriage fell apart because she wasn't ready to have kids.) But honestly, they never seemed like a good couple to me anyway.

Hey, at least Perry left the situation with more than enough fodder for several best-selling albums!

Do you think Katy Perry is better off not talking to Russell Brand?

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