Josh Duggar's Disgusting Incest Joke Is Anything But Funny (VIDEO)

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If you've been wondering if there's anything Josh Duggar could possibly do to make himself any more unlikable in the wake of his horrifying sexual molestation charges, well, the answer is yes. Actually, the most recent bit of news making this Duggar look even more disgusting isn't all that recent -- it's a video from 2008 that's resurfaced in the light of the scandal -- but it is worth looking at, considering the clip features Duggar joking about ... incest. Yup. 


In the video (from an episode of 19 Kids and Counting), Duggar is discussing an upcoming movie date with his then-fiance Anna. Per Duggar rules, no solo dating was allowed, so sister Jinger Duggar was chosen as a chaperone -- except the movie had an 18-plus rating, which meant Jinger was too young. In the end, siblings Jana and John David were chosen instead, for what Josh creepily referred to as a "double date." (Um, dude, double dates are what happens when you go out with another COUPLE, not a couple of your siblings.) 

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It would have been one thing if Josh left it at that, but the worst part is that he actually cracked a joke about the sibling/dating thing. 

"We chose Jana and John David –- we thought why not, have a double date," he said to the camera. "We are from Arkansas, no?" Check it out:

EWWWWW. I just can't even begin to wrap my head around the ickiness of this "joke." Was it some sort of obvious ploy to make light of his wrongdoing (even if nobody else really knew about it at that point)? Or is this kind of flippant commentary a symptom of denial so deep-seated it's borderline insane? 

One thing's for sure: This video definitely isn't going to do anything to help Josh Duggar's already incredibly tarnished image.

Does this video of Josh Duggar making an incest joke give you the creeps?


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