Kate Middleton's Latest Baby Decision Is as 'Common' as It Gets

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For anyone who thought that Kate Middleton's parents would be less involved in the first few weeks of Princess Charlotte's life than they were in Prince George's, I have news for you: You're sorely mistaken. From the sound of things, Carole Middleton is more involved with royal baby number two. She's so involved in fact that Carole has moved in with Kate


According to the Daily Beast, Carole has been staying with Kate at her Anmer Hall residence since she came home from the hospital with baby Charlotte. William is now back at work, and apparently Carole is the one who's making sure Kate's every need is taken care of. As the Daily Beast said, "Carole has become the helicopter mother-in-law, constantly hovering overhead, making sure every little detail of life at Anmer Hall runs smoothly."

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Carole will reportedly be staying with her daughter and grandkids for at least another month on a completely full-time basis, making sure Kate has the hang of two kids before she goes home. However, the Daily Mail is reporting that Mama Middleton is looking to buy a house near the Duke and Duchess' country home, so she, her husband, and two kids can come visit the kids whenever they want without putting William and Kate out.

Clearly, Kate feels most comfortable with her mother and wants her around all the time. Being that she's the future Queen of England, she could easily have hired help, but nope. Kate wants her mama.

Personally, I think it's really sweet that this is how William and Kate are choosing to do things. Not only does it give their kids a chance to bond with their grandparents -- AKA, the "other side" of the family -- it will give them a (very small) idea of what commoners live like -- even if, you know, said commoners happen to be millionaires. 

Kate, you're lucky to have such a great mother!

Do you think Carole is overstepping her boundaries?

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