Ryan Reynolds Makes Young Cancer Patient's Heartbreaking Wish Come True (PHOTO)

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Ryan Reynolds may be in the doghouse with his wife Blake Lively at the moment for pulling a dangerous motorcycle stunt, but he's definitely racking up the good karma in other areas of his life: Like making a young cancer patient's dream come true. Through the Make-a-Wish foundation, the 38-year-old met with Tony Acevedo, a little boy battling Hodgkin's Disease (a type of lymphoma), on the set of Deadpool, his upcoming Marvel action flick -- and just wait unti you hear why Acevedo wanted to meet Deadpool!


According to Make-a-Wish volunteers, the boy wanted to meet this particular comicbook anti-hero because "Deadpool never dies and everything he touches has magical powers."

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BRB, sobbing!! Awwww. How could Reynolds refuse such a request? And from the looks of the actor's Instagram, the meeting was everything Acevedo hoped it would be:

So unbearably sweet! Stories like this one are definitely among the most positive news bites out there -- proof that dreams do come true, and that celebs like Reynolds really do care about their fans. Even if they do occasionally annoy their wives with their macho hijinks! And I'll tell you another thing -- not being a huge comic book fan, I honestly didn't have any interest in seeing this movie before ... but I do now! (And I bet a lot of other people will feel the same way.)

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