Prince Harry Finally Meets Royal Baby Charlotte!

prince harry

Looks like Prince Harry is finally ready to report for uncle duty! The 30-year-old has finally made it to the Anmer Hall, the country home of his brother Prince William and Kate Middleton, to welcome his now-three-week-old niece, Charlotte -- and maybe even help the couple figure out how to make the leap from raising one little prince to two adorable royals!


Of course, that's pure speculation on our part -- could be Harry will just show up, give little George a few "horsie" rides and ditch the baby scene for a polo match (seriously, he is scheduled to play in a charity match this weekend). But with all the real-life parenting issues William and Kate are dealing with at the moment -- from making sure George doesn't get too jealous of Charlotte and trying to get the baby to sleep through the night -- it seems like the more family they can have around, the better. If there's one thing that lightens the load for parents of a newborn (and toddler), it's help from loved ones.

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Not that they need the help in the same way most moms and dads do (naturally these two have the resources to employ the most highly qualified baby nurses and nannies in the world), but there's nothing quite like family. And Harry seems like he'd be the ideal uncle: Fun-loving and energetic, we imagine that guy is up all hours of the night anyway! (Paging Prince Harry for a midnight feeding sesson!)

What kind of uncle do you think Prince Harry would be? 

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