Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Officiates Shocked Fan's Surprise Wedding (VIDEO)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is constantly knocking me for a loop. Just when I think I can discount the San Andreas actor as yet another action hero, he goes and does a better job of lip syncing Taylor's Swift's Shake It Off than anyone ever — and is such a nice guy that he became ordained so that he could officiate the surprise wedding of a loyal fan.


Comedian Nick Mundy, who considers himself a "superfan" of The Rock and who has interviewed him on several occasions for Screen Junkies, was sent by the movie website to interview Johnson about his new film. Unbeknownst to Mundy, there was no interview. At the last minute, Johnson's people told him they were canceling the press event because The Rock had to pull out.

And then Mundy found out his bad luck wasn't so bad after all. He wouldn't get that interview he wanted with Johnson, but the actor was about to give him something far better: a surprise wedding:

At some point, in between shooting films, promoting them, and co-parenting his little girl, Simone, Johnson woke up and said to himself, hmmm ... I have an unexpected 10 minutes to myself this morning — might as well get ordained!

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My respect for the actor has just gone through the roof. It's so nice to hear about a celebrity who values his fans and gives back to them in meaningful ways. If you're wondering how the man himself feels about what he did, he was pretty psyched:

What do you think about The Rock's wedding surprise?


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