Drunk Chris Pratt Gives the Best Acting 'Tips' Ever (VIDEO)

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Oh, Chris Pratt. You had us at "I'm drunk." The always-charming actor emptied a bottle of Fireball whisky for a post-photo shoot video produced by GQ in which he offers viewers a few "useful" acting tips, and the results are (as you can probably imagine) pretty freaking funny. Because, let's face it: Pratt is pretty freaking funny when he's stone cold sober; add some high proof booze to the mix, and, well . . . hilarity ensues. 


As Pratt explains in the beginning of the video, “We’re at the end of a GQ photoshoot and we’re supposed to do an acting DVD, acting video kind of bit for YouTube. Truth is, it’s hot as hell and I’m drunk.”

The new Indiana Jones then goes on to show aspiring thespians exactly how they should emote in a variety of situations, such as "when you see a T-Rex at Jamba Juice" and "when you get pulled over and you have weed in your glove compartment." (While the former scenario was most likely inspired by Pratt's starring role in Jurassic World, we're guessing the former came from personal experience. But of course that's merely conjecture!) Check it out:

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See what we mean? The guy is a gifted comedian. Naturally we love him as a big action star -- honestly, we'd watch him do just about anything -- but we fell in love with Pratt as Parks and Recreation's resident goofball Andy Dwyer, and it's always fun to see him flex his funny bone. (Can you flex a bone? Never mind, you get the idea.)

What's your favorite kind of role to see Chris Pratt play?


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