Josh Duggar's Investigation Records Have Been Destroyed

Our long national Duggar nightmare is over. Well, not really, but one major step has been taken to at the very least help put Josh Duggar's alleged molestation victims' fears of exposure at ease: Arkansas police have reportedly destroyed Duggar's investigation records.


The 19 Kids and Counting star allegedly molested five girls, some of whom were reportedly his sisters, back in 2002, when he was 14 years old. After telling dad Jim Bob about his actions, his father opted not to go to police for more than a year, placing him instead in a Christian program that provided counseling and made him do physical work. When police were finally tipped off to the alleged abuse, and some believe folks from the Oprah Winfrey show can be thanked for that, their investigation and the documents that resulted from it, weren't filed until 2006.

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Duggar isn't likely to face consequences for his actions because the statute of limitations (which is three years) has expired. Considering the unfortunate fact that Duggar will not have to pay for what he did to these girls, it shouldn't be surprising that at least one of the women want the court docs to be destroyed — after all, what good will it do for these victims to be exposed and hounded by reporters if they can't benefit from true justice in court?

One of the alleged victims, who has only been identified as "Jane Doe," reportedly asked a judge to destroy the investigation report — which contains explicit information about Duggar allegedly touching the girls' genitalia and fondling their breasts, sometimes while they were asleep and other times, while awake. Judge Stacey Zimmerman signed over the order on Thursday and Springdale Police spokesman Scott Lewis has confirmed: "As far as the Springdale Police Department is concerned this report doesn't exist."

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I know those court docs aren't helping anyone today — far too much time has passed for them to be of any use. But there's something about this report being wiped off the face of the Earth that disturbs me to no end. Granted, Duggar's reputation is forever tarnished and, despite his apology on Facebook, he and his family are paying for his past actions. But that report served as the only "voice" these alleged victims have — why should Duggar be allowed to benefit from his fame in this way?

The father of three (soon to be four) resigned from his position as a lobbyist with the Family Research Council because it isn't easy to travel the country, spewing hate about two men who are in love when you've allegedly molested five young girls in a way that will affect their ideas about sex and power for the rest of their lives. And TLC confirmed the network is reportedly pulling 19 Kids from its lineup after ad giants like General Mills wisely realized it wouldn't be in their interest to associate with the family at this time.

So, there will be some consequences for Duggar but, sadly, no true justice for his alleged victims.

What do you think about the court's decision to destroy the investigation reports?


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