TLC Pulls Duggar Show From Lineup: Is This the Beginning of the End?


In a move that surprised exactly no one, in the wake of the recent Josh Duggar sexual molestation scandal, TLC has reportedly pulled all airings of 19 Kids and Counting from its lineup. The show has yet to be officially cancelled, but all signs point to its inevitable demise: A rep from General Mills, for example, told TMZ that the company has "blacklisted" the show, removing it from their current advertising schedule.


Obviously TLC is making the right decision from an ethical standpoint (based on the Duggars' questionable politics, many would argue the decision should have been made much sooner). But with corporate sponsors the size of General Mills bakcing away, they're also making the right decision from a financial standpoint -- probably the only decision they can make. 

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Even Mama June of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fame thinks 19 Kids and Counting should be pulled. Granted, that's because TLC pulled the plug on Honey Boo Boo after their very own sex scandal and she thinks it only fair for the Duggars to suffer similar consequences, but she's right. A mega-successful network like TLC has a responsibility to take a stand against these kinds of crimes, and that's all there is to that.

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Now, if they would just stop making the most messed-up families on the planet famous, we'd really be getting somewhere. Sure, it's morbidly fascinating for sane people to watch families like the Boo Boos and the Duggars live their bizarre-o existences, and probably we're all guilty of a little hate-watching or rubbernecking or whatever you want to call it. But maybe it's time to stop.

Do you think TLC made the right decision pulling 19 Kids and Counting?


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