Josh Duggar's Alleged Victims Are Being Forced to Suffer All Over Again

josh duggar and family

There are quite a lot of truly awful things about the recent, jaw-droppingly disgusting Josh Duggar allegations (in case you somehow missed it, the eldest "kid" of 19 Kids and Counting admitted to sexually molesting five underage girls in their sleep -- including his own sisters -- when he was a teenager), but one of the most awful things about it is that his victims are now being thrust under the same microscope as their attacker. Usually, sexual molestation victims are afforded a degree of anonymity; because of the leaked police report specifying the involvement of Duggar's siblings, that's unfortunately not the case here.   


The fact that these allegations came out years after the statute of limitations ran out just compounds the horrible betrayal already suffered by his poor sisters. Now they've been essentially outed as victims of incest -- a label that's pretty hard to shake -- and, just as with the initial crime, they had absolutely no choice in the matter. But who is really at fault here (besides Josh himself, of course)? Perhaps if this case had been handled in a timely manner (read: Jim Bob and Michelle had taken Josh to the authorities as soon as they found out about it), the details wouldn't have ended up being leaked to the press in such a way. Honestly, though, I doubt it -- generally, when a family is in the public eye, dirty laundry has a way of getting aired out one way or another, no matter what attempts are made to hide it. Still, I hate to think of what those poor girls are going through now, with the world at large wondering aloud WHICH sisters were victims, and why. The inevitable curiousity is just one more perverse invasion of privacy. And what if these sisters have husbands now, husbands who maybe didn't know about the abuse? Can you even begin to think what kind of tension this has created in the private lives of these ultra-puritannical types?

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I guess when you sign on to do a reality show, or any other sort of fame-bringing project, this sort of thing comes with the territory. But the Duggar children were just that -- children -- when their parents put them on TV. The staggering helplessness they must feel over the turns their lives are taking is just overwhelming to contemplate. We can only hope their attacker is somehow brought to justice at some point, and that the family finds some sort of peace.

How do you think the Duggar sisters will cope with their ordeal being publicized? 

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