Queen Elizabeth Wants Kate Middleton to Get Back to Work Already!

kate middletonKate Middleton is still in the nesting phase of new motherhood and getting used to having two kids -- the sweet cheeked Prince George and newborn darling Princess Charlotte. Life may be a little hectic in the castle but the Queen doesn't care at all. She reportedly wants Kate to return to work right away. Maternity leave? Hogwash!


What is Queen Elizabeth II thinking?! Does she not want the heirs to the throne to enjoy their togetherness as a family? Is she really as cold as ice? Is she just a wee bit jealous of Kate? (Okay that last one is preposterous but you never know!)

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A new mom should have a good maternity leave -- and you'd think when you are a Royal, you get the ... ahem ... royal treatment. Nope. Not Kate. Not under the Queen's rule. What's that Sex Pistols song again?

Now I know what you may be thinking ... Princess Kate's job is easy peasy. She goes to events, dresses pretty, smiles a lot, says a few encouraging words. How hard can that be? Come on! A job is still a job. Plus, Kate travels all over the world to do these things. A mom with a newborn shouldn't be forced to travel far from baby. Hopefully the Queen just has some local events in mind so Kate can still make it home in time to nurse baby Charlotte without having to lug a breast pump around. Or, if it is just about town, perhaps a nanny can help bring Charlotte along so she's never far from mom.

We should all have that luxury.

What do you think of the Queen wanting Kate to return to work posthaste?

Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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