Kylie Jenner's 'Wedding Ring' Photos Will Make You Go Hmm ...

Kylie Jenner

Now that the cat is out of the bag as far as 17-year-old Kylie Jenner dating older rapper, Tyga, there's really no point in the two of them trying to hide their relationship any longer. And while some may argue that Kylie is way too young to get seriously involved with a man, she is mature for her age, so it's not all that surprising that she's choosing to date an older dude.


But at 17, she still has her whole life ahead of her to find the right guy to take the next step with, which is why a lot of us are scratching our heads over new photos she shared on Instagram where she's clearly showing off a gold band -- on her wedding ring finger!

today's feels �

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And could this shot be more obvious?

chill pia's my stylist ��

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She's blatantly showing off her bling, almost as if to get everyone asking one big question. Are Kylie and Tyga engaged, or have they possibly even tied the knot?

For her sake, let's hope not! Sure, it's fine for her to have a steady, committed relationship during her teen years, but there's really no point in rushing into adult life just yet!

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But if we ignore the nature of the pics all together and focus on Kylie's caption on the second one, it sounds like she may have been trying to set the record straight, indicating that this stylist of hers happens to select her jewelry, or something?

Although, that ring really does look like a wedding band, so we can't totally rule out the possibility of Kylie taking a HUGE step in her life just yet.

At this point, anything is possible with these two, and honestly, if they really have decided to make things permanent, neither one of them will be able to keep their mouth shut for too much longer. Stay tuned.

Do you think Kylie is engaged ... or married?


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