Josh Duggar's Alleged Molestation Victims Included His Own Sisters

There are few times a celeb scandal will actually leave my jaw on the floor and my eyes practically bugging out of my head, but this one of them. Yesterday, we learned that Josh Duggar had been involved in some sort of police investigation involved sexual misconduct with one or more minor females. Today we learned the shocking truth -- Josh's victims included his own sisters.


In Touch managed to obtain the police reports from 2006, when members of the Duggar family were called in for questioning regarding molestation by Josh that had occurred in 2002 and 2003.

The Duggars felt like they had handled Josh's indiscretions on their own, by sending him to do some hard physical labor with a mentor of sorts, but they got called in again when a letter was discovered tucked into a book that the family loaned out.

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Jim Bob and Michelle declined to state who wrote the letter and hid it within the pages of a book, but after it was discovered and turned in, they were called in an asked about it. Jim Bob (listed as James Robert on the report) and Michelle told police that Josh had "apologized" to the female minors, and that they had "forgiven" him.

The police also spoke to some of the alleged victims in 2006, and while their names were redacted, their parents were listed as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Yeah, apparently those underage female victims of Josh's were his own sisters.

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I just can't even. One of the unnamed victims interviewed by the police in 2006 told that that Josh had told "mother and dad what had happened ... (and) asked for forgiveness." She also said that Josh "sought after God and had turned back to God."

On top of that, JB told police that "several members of their church were aware of the situation and had been supportive of the family." Josh apparently groped his little sisters' breasts and genitalia while they slept, and because he asked for forgiveness and went to build houses for three months, we're all just supposed to pretend it didn't happen? Were precautions taken to make sure it didn't happen again? It already happened on two separate occasions, in 2002, and again in 2003.

The whole thing is just sick and wrong, and makes my stomach twist for the Duggar girls. It seems like Jim Bob and Michelle were more concerned with protecting Josh than his little sisters.

Does this news shock you?


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