Khloe Kardashian's Tiny Body Is Out of Control in Sexy Bodysuit (PHOTO)

khloe kardashian

Another day, another insanely sexy shot of Khloe Kardashian. Typically, Khloe delights us on Instagram with photos of her bootylicious backside, but today? Today, friends, we get something oh-so-different -- but, yes, still oh-so-sexy. Ever wondered what Khloe would look like in an Adidas bodysuit? Wonder no more!


Khloe posted this pic on Wednesday night. Evidently, this is all for a photo shoot, but daaaaammnn, could Khloe look any hotter? Her body looks insane here!

Typically, there are -- at the very least -- always a few nasty comments on any given photo that a Kardashian posts. But, not this one! There's no denying that Khloe looks great and it seems like every one of her followers agrees.

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If you believe the masses, Kim has always arguably been the "sexiest" Kardashian sister. But, these days, Khloe has been stepping it up big time. Not only does her body now rival Kim's with her tiny waist, tight abs, and amazingly sculpted bottom, she's posting some seriously scandalous photos to her Instagram account a la Kim. Good for her!

Clearly, Khloe feels awesome about herself these days and there's nothing much sexier than that. Big boobs and a toned tummy are great, but ultimately, nothing is hotter than being happy with one's self. Looking great, Koko!

Do you think Khloe looks better than ever?


Images via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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