A Drunk Bill Murray Unintentionally Becomes Carl From 'Caddyshack' on Live TV

There is so much to love about Bill Murray's appearance on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell Tuesday night that it's hard to know where to begin! His obvious intoxication led to hilarity instead of embarrassment somehow, in only a way that Bill Murray could achieve.


It wasn't the Groundhog Day star's first stop of the evening. The 64-year-old made an appearance on the second to last episode of Late Night Night With David Letterman on Tuesday, where the two appeared to chug vodka.

He then apparently had one or several glasses of wine with dinner, and by the time he made it to The Last Word set, he couldn't even sit in his chair, let alone walk a straight line. Take a look at this hilarious Vine video!

Once they came back from the commercial break, Murray was settled in his seat, where he transformed into his Caddyshack character Carl Spackler, with his mumbled, slightly slurred speech.

"I just did the Letterman show, then went to dinner and had oysters, rose wine, red wine, and duck," he explained. I hate when those oysters make me fall off chairs, don't you?

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He also shared what it was like to be on Letterman's penultimate show. "Well if you've been watching, you'll see that there's an amazing amount of power in the room. There's a lot of emotion in the room," Murray said. "Dave is at some level of capability right now. He just floats above everything. He's really on a different plane than the rest of us right now."

Take a look at the whole hilarious clip!

Do you think Bill Murray manages to pull off his drunken live escapade?


Image via cjzero/Vine

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