Rebel Wilson Lied About Her Age: She's How Old?!

You guys!! An actress lied about her age! Or, she may have lied about her ago. Apparently, Rebel Wilson isn't 29, as she's claimed, but 35 (gasp)! Unless of course she had lied about being older before she lied about being younger. To top it off -- her name (probably) isn't even really Rebel. My world is shattered, you guys.


Earlier this week, an Australian tabloid published a story alleging that Wilson had not only misrepresented her age by a good six years, but also lied about her real name, and some of the circumstances of her upbringing.

Business records have shown that the Pitch Perfect 2 star was born on March 2, 1980, indeed making her 35 years old. But she said that she was 29. OMG! An actress lied about her age! Why do we care again? If anything, it says more about the pressure Hollywood puts on actresses to be indefinitely young than anything else.

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According to the Australian Electoral Roll, Wilson's name is Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, but it's been reported that she later changed her last name to Wilson. But -- she once told The Australian Women's Weekly that her given name was Rebel, but she went by her middle names in school to avoid being teased. 

She does have sisters named Liberty (Libby) and Annachi (Anna), and a brother named Ryot, so it wouldn't be out of the question for her parents to have named her Rebel. Maybe they just called her Rebel at home. Maybe she made it up when she went into show biz. Who knows? Who cares?

Seriously, does this really matter in the scheme of things? She's not a politician, she's an actress.

Rebel's only response to the controversy was a cheeky one. She tweeted on Monday:

And that is why we love her, whether she's 29 or 35 or a mermaid.

Do you think it matters how old Rebel Wilson is?


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