Jim Bob Duggar Turned Son Josh Into Police in Underage Sex Case

josh and anna duggarAlmost 10 years after the report was first filed, we're now learning that 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar was named as the "alleged offender" in an underage sexual abuse case back in 2005. Josh's father, Jim Bob Duggar, turned him in to Arkansas State Police after the report, but the investigation was never finished.


In Touch is reporting that a charge against Josh was being pursued after Jim Bob caught him leaving a young woman's bedroom and "learned something inappropriate happened." The authorities aimed for a sexual assault in the fourth degree charge, but it never took off. And Jim Bob reported his son immediately.

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"I saw and read the report and it clearly stated that Jim Bob brought his son Josh into the Arkansas Police Department and spoke to a state trooper about Josh's involvement in alleged inappropriate touching with a minor," a source tells the magazine.

However, the charges never saw the light of day. Apparently, the officer who initially filed the report didn't follow up with the parties involved. Then, shortly after, that same officer was found guilty on child pornography charges and is now in prison, serving a 56-year sentence.

But the Arkansas State Police attempted to get involved. The Crimes Against Children Division and the Springdale Police Department tried to investigate further, but by the time they began, the three-year statue of limitations had expired and the charges against Josh were never pursued.

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The magazine reports a source who says that "A technicality prevented any further action." And when the alleged lead officer on the case was contacted, he said he "can't comment or discuss [this case] because of the sensitive nature and because it involved a juvenile."

The Duggars have never commented on the case, but the news comes after years of rumors about Josh. Now, as the truth is coming out, we'll have to stay tuned for how the family, and show, handle the information.

What do you make of the latest news about Josh?


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