Miley Cyrus Wrote a Song for Her Dead Fish (And Even the Fish Is Concerned) (VIDEO)

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Here's a very important question regarding Miley Cyrus: Has the pop star's entire life turned into one big piece of increasingly intricate performance art, or are we witnessing the excruciatingly public decline of a famous young woman's sanity? Because if a recently posted video of the 22-year-old singer performing a teary-eyed ballad for her late blowfish Pablow is any indication, it's got to be one or the other: Cyrus is either pulling a crazy publicity stunt, or she's, um, in a very strange mental space at the moment.


Clad in a unicorn onesie, Cyrus breaks down in sobs at the end of the plaintive song (which ponders the nature of life and death in such poignant lyrics as "Why does everything I love have to die?" and "I heard of a seahorse named Sadie/I heard she was quite the lady/Maybe you'll find her and you can make babies/That be kinda crazy"). Then she slams her fingers down on the piano keys, grabs her unicorn crotch (seriously), and stalks away into the waiting arms of a very patient and tolerant looking woman who hopefully gets paid a lot of money to handle these sorts of tantrums. Check it out:

See, we weren't kidding about that unicorn crotch-grab! Anyway, we know Miley is a HUGE animal lover, and I think we can all agree that blowfish are really, really cute, so I don't want to seem insensitive here, but ... she sure does seem to be grieving awfully hard over a pet that, as she sings, she was never even able to touch.

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I'd venture a guess that even Pablow himself would think Miley is overreacting just a tad to his untimely demise (if it was, in fact, untimely. Does anybody know the lifespan for a blowfish?). In fact, if Pablow (R.I.P.) were here today, we're pretty sure he would say something like this to his former owner:

pablow the blowfishPablow the Blowfish

Hey, Miley! Pablow here, your dead blowfish. Sorry to remind you of the whole "dead" thing, but honey, that's the reality here -- I went belly up, as they say, and you know what? That's okay! I'm pretty happy in fish heaven. There's lots of water, and plenty of ... water. Cause, you know, that's all I really need -- cause I'm a FISH. That's all! Just a fish. Not a person, not a dog, not even a bunny rabbit. Just a fish. I think you might have kinda forgotten about that. So even though you gave me a super fun life, and it was really cool to get to watch you and all your pals get up to crazy hijinks while dressed as fuzzy fantasy creatures through the walls of my tank, it was really way more than I even needed. (And to be perfectly honest, there were things I really didn't need to see at all! Like, so many things. Oh god.) Anyway, Miley, I think it's great that you love all creatures great and small, and that you're working really hard to morph into some sort of real-life Snow White character, but bluebirds don't really help you clean your house, and fish don't really spend their afterlives hooking up with seahorses. So, you know, time to move on! Maybe even get another fish! I won't mind. Stay strong, girl! 

What do you think about the song Miley Cyrus sang for her dead blowfish?


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