Bruce Jenner Talks 'Big' Surgery Plans Again in Emotional Conversation With Family

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On Monday, after we had only seen part one of the Kardashian special about Bruce Jenner's transition, About Bruce, many of us were under the assumption that the former Olympian had already booked his gender reassignment surgery. But, on part two of the special, which aired Monday night, it now looks like Bruce hasn't yet gone that far -- and he's not sure if and when he will.


During the show, Bruce sat down with all five of his daughters with Kris and talked about the surgeries he's already undergone or plans on undergoing. And when Kim asked him if he had booked an appointment to have his penis removed -- or as Bruce referred to it as: "the little thing down there" -- he told his children that he doesn't. "As of now, no," he said.

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During their meeting, Kourtney also asked Bruce when he was going to start being a woman all the time. Bruce didn't really have answer, but made the good point that "once you've had enough surgeries, it's hard to play the other side." He then said that he's planning on playing everything by ear.

Although it has to be incredibly difficult for both Bruce and his family to deal with everything they're going through, no bad can come from everyone sitting down together and being as honest as possible with each other.

I'm sure the Kardashian-Jenner clan has a bumpy road ahead of them, but it seems like they're going to figure things out just fine and all come out the other side better, happier people. Good for them.

Do you think Bruce will go through with the surgery?


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